Stands for Artificial Intelligence for Environment & Sustainability and it’s an AI research platform and live project, placing the latest scientific advances in a simple, visual language at the fingertips of farmers by integrating ecological, agronomic and economic data, using open-source software.

In this video, the research wanted to focus on crop productivity and how it can be increased by improving wild pollinators’ numbers, in order to provide a stable food supply with no additional environmental harm.

Aries is working to accelerate the process of converting scientific knowledge in a more easy-to-understand language, in order to achieve the growing global demand for sustainable agricultural production. How? Making scientists and farmers collaborate and working together.

The challenge for us was to have a different style, keeping a “classic” color palette, yet nice and fresh. We displayed the scenes into little boxes, creating a varied story narrative and playing with some unexpected elements and movements.

The nature and tech topic is non-invasive, because we wanted to get a smooth and soft effect both on animations and the overall context.


Creative Director
Riccardo Albertini

Federica Amico

Andrea Nobis
Andrea Folini
Riccardo Albertini
Marco de Vecchi
Valentina Piccoli
Paola Sorrentino

Music and sound design
Jacopo Gobber

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